Awareness on Cornea Donation

1. A large number of corneal blind people are needlessly blind because they are not able to get a cornea for transplant. The tragedy is that hundreds of corneas are wasted on reaching the Cremation ground due to lack of awareness that these corneas can give a new lease of life and hope to the needy. Thus, it is our endeavour to make everyone aware so that people from all walks of life understand this Social Commitment and positively respond to Eye Donation.

2. Therefore throughout the year awareness activities are undertaken such as, contacting various social groups, schools, organizations and publicity.

3. Towards this end every year awareness Fortnight is celebrated globally from 25 August to 8 September. In this fortnight major events are as under:

  • (a) Seeking blessings of the Almighty at Ganesh Temple followed by Awareness Programme
  • (b) Awareness among Religious Groups and Social Groups
  • (c) Lecture cum Presentation followed by Interactive Session at Police Academy at Jaipur.
  • (d) Awareness Programme at Ophthalmology Department and interactive session with Jurists of SMS Hospital Jaipur.
  • (e) Lecture cum Power Point Presentation at leading Colleges of Rajasthan.
  • (f) Press Conference.

As a finale to the efforts of EBSR a NCC Rally was taken out in the heart of Jaipur on 7 September 2014. There were more than 200 cadets from all the three wings of NCC including NCC Senior Wing Girl Cadets who participated in the rally in spreading the message ‘NETRADAN MAHADAN’. The rally was received by Deputy Director General of NCC Rajasthan at historic Albert Hall. The Rally left an everlasting imprint on the minds of enthusiastic onlookers.DDG NCC has assured unstinted support for this cause wherein 48000 NCC Cadets will spread awareness about eye donation to even the remotest area of Rajasthan.

The closing ceremony of the Awareness Fortnight was held on 8 September by Planting trees in the memory of donors in the ‘Netradan Smiriti Van’ created by JDA in the Central Park Jaipur. Besides the donors and the recipients senior most dignitaries of Rajasthan including the Chief Secretary and DG Police actively participated in the event.

4. As a regular feature we educate people of all ages in making them aware of what is involved in giving eyesight to people. We also make them understand as to why they should donate eyes and also clarify in which condition eyes can be donated. Stress is given to the fact that GOD ALMIGHTY has given us so much and before leaving this world we must take the opportunity of doing our bit by donating the eyes This will cost us nothing and the recipient will forever be grateful for this gift when he sees the world with the eyes of the donor. We also implore public to make it a family tradition.

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