Bhilwara Chapter

The Bhilwara chapter of the EBSR was formed on 24th February 2011 in the Ramsanehi Chikitsalaya and Anusandhan Kendra.This Hospital has been since the very beginning, working as a charity organization.

In the beginning cornea were collected from volunteer calls, and deaths in Ramsanehi Hospital. However, since May 2014 HCRP (Hospital Cornea Retrieval Programme) has also started, with the cooperation of Police and Government Hospital. Ramsanehi Hospital has facility of Keritoplasty or cornea transplantation also, for which duly evaluated cornea are obtained from EBSR headquarter at Jaipur.

Bhilwara Chapter’s functions are at present managed by Dr Suresh Bhadada. Incharge of Ophthalmology Department in Ramsanehi Hospital. Sh Sunil, one of the employees of this Hospital, has been trained as an Eye Bank, Technicians lab who does cornea and he is retrieving work.

The Eye Bank’s postal address is: Ramsanehi Chikitsalaya and Anusandhan Kendra, Swami Ramcharan Marg, Ramdwara, Bhilwara-311001


Dr.Suresh Bhadada mob:- 9413358642
Mr.Sunil Technician