Success Stories


 This is an incident which took place on 12th March 2005. On this day, I had returned early morning from a trip abroad.I got a phone call from one of our grief counsellors  at SMS Hospital, Jaipur. A middle aged person had passed away in an accident. EBSR representative had begun convincing a relative of the deceased to donate the corneas.The FIR had been completed. I was asked to rush to the Hospital to talk to the relatives as they were not affirming that they would agree to do so.      

When I came down from my flat, I recalled that I had disconnected the battery terminalof my car. There was no time to waste in an attempt to fix the battery & so on as 4 hours had already passed since the death. I grabbed my purse & hailed an auto-rickshaw & reached the Mortuary in the Hospital. After getting down I took out my purse & to my consternation discovered that it contained foreign currency & coins which could be of no use to the driver.
I explained the situation to him & requested him to wait for some time until I finished interacting with the relatives of the prospective donor.The man was good enough to not only wait but came alongside me and was present throughout my talk with some of the persons who were the deciding authorities in allowing us to take corneas of their relative.

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Secretary -          09829214013

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