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Hospital Cornea Retrieval Programme

“Hospital based cornea retrieval programme (HCRP) refers to eye donation consented through proactive engagement with hospitals and donor families for eye donations.

The HCRP focuses on hospitals to retrieve corneal tissues because of several inherent advantages, such as availability of potential donors, their medical history, quality of cornea and reduction of time interval between death and corneal excision. It is also cost effective method of cornea retrieval.

Professionally-trained eye donation counselors approach family members with a request for eye donation after death of a patient in the hospital. HCRP is more efficient, scalable and provides higher utilization rate for corneas recovered. For grieving families too HCRP is a more suited method as patients are screened by well-trained counselors before the family is approach the family immediately for donation and based on medical condition of patient helps them in taking a quick decision.

Cornea scan process

Voluntary Donation

Eye donated by self-motivation of the families are termed as Voluntary Donation. In this method the families who wish to donate eyes of their deceased family member contact the Eye Bank. As soon as a Eye Donation call is received in the Eye Bank, a trained Technician is sent to the residence of the deceased to retrieve the cornea. However, this method requires very high degree of awareness and sense of commitment in the family for a social cause. The proportion of eyes collected through this method is low as compared to HCRP and quality of corneas received are also not so good.

Eye Donation is a gift of beauty, a return for Eternity

Pledge your Eyes

Here by I pledge to donate my eyes after my death for the purpose of transplanation, research and education.