The Executive Committee constitutes various committees to involve maximum numbers of members in the functioning of the Society. The names and functions of the committees of Executive Committee are as follow:

S.No.Name of CommitteeFunctions
1 Management Committee

a) Administrative and legal matters.

b) Financial, audit, purchases, etc.

c) Coordination with State Government / SMS Hospital
& other Institutions.

d) Matters related to Sight Life.

2Awareness and HCRP Committee

a) Organising HCRP in SMS and other Govt and Pvt Hospitals.

b) Organizing awareness activities.

c) Information Education & Communication (IEC).

3Quality Advisory Committee

a) Advise on quality aspects of Eye Banking.

b) Revision and execution of SOP.

c) Internal Audit of lab.

d) Accreditation of EBSR.

e) Recipient information and follow up.

f) Prevention of corneal blindness.

4Media Group

a) Public Relations, liaison with all media.

b) Exposure of Eye bank activities through Print &
Electronic Media & Social media.

c) Publication of Quarterly News Magazine.

d) Website/ Facebook/ mobile/SMS- use and requisite

5Development Committee

a) Construction of new building.

b) CSR projects.

c) Development of new Projects.

6Resources Mobilization Committee

a) Financial Resource Mobilization.

b) Organising programs for fund raising.

c) Collection from Donation boxes.