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EC Meeting and Vision Workshop

Executive Committee Meeting:

The 69th meeting of the Executive Committee of the Eye Bank Society of Rajasthan was held on 19th September 2022 at 11 am in the EBSR office. Shri B. L. Sharma, President EBSR presided over the meeting. Smt. Usha Bapna, Joint Secretary EBSR presented report on Eye Donation Awareness Fortnight 2022. Shri B. L. Sharma, President EBSR informed that we have received individual life membership application from Shri Kapil Garg, Retired IPS, Shri S. S. Bissa Retired IAS, Smt. Deepali Bhargava, Joint Director, College Education.

69th Executive Committee Meeting 19th September 2022
EC Meeting
EC Meeting
Vision Workshop:

Meeting of Vision workshop was conducted on 11th July 2022 at Hotel Bliss in Jaipur.

President Mr. B.L. Sharma, Secretary Mr. L.P.kothari,  Medical Director Dr. Garima Agarwal and Other Executive Member were attend the meeting. Agenda of Meeting was based on Review Performance of eye donation technician for 2nd Quart 2022, set goals and targets for 2022, explain technical mistakes done by technicians and Counselors and distribution of Incentives of 2nd th quarter of 2022. Technical session was taken by Med. Director, technical mistakes was point out by her and she explained way to avoid technical mistakes in future during corneal excision.
Vision Workshop
Vision Workshop

Best Eye Bank Trophy , Eye Donor Felicitation Program & Vision Workshop

Dr A P Sah Rolling Trophy-2022

Eye Bank Society of Rajasthan (EBSR) has been awarded the Dr. A P Sah Rolling Trophy for outstanding performance in promoting eye donation and transplantation in north zone. The award, given by the Eye Bank Association of India (EBAI), recognizes the best working eye banks in each zone. The EBSR was recognized for their commitment and dedication to promoting eye donation and transplantation, setting a high standard for other eye banks to follow. The trophy was presented to the EBSR at the 12th National Conference on Cornea and Eye Banking during the Annual Convention of the EBAI on December 3rd, 2022.

Eye Donor family Felicitation Program

Meeting of Vision workshop was conducted on 11th July 2022 at Hotel Bliss in Jaipur.

On March 19th, 2023, a felicitation program was held at the Inderalok auditorium in Jaipur, to honor the families of eye donors. The event was attended by several distinguished guests, including Smt. Usha Shama, the Chief Secretary, who was the chief guest of the program.

The other guests of honor included Dr. Sudhir Bhandari, the Vice Chancellor of RHUS, DG Police Umesh Mishra, and Dr. Baghratta, the Principal of SMS Medical College.

The program was aimed at honoring the families of those who had selflessly donated their eyes, and recognizing the importance of organ donation. The event began with a welcome address by the organizers, followed by speeches by the guests of honor.During the program, the families of the eye donors were felicitated and presented with certificates of appreciation. The chief guest, Smt. Usha Shama, praised the efforts of the organizers and the families of the donors, and emphasized the importance of organ donation in saving lives.Dr. Sudhir Bhandari and Dr. Baghratta also spoke about the significance of eye donation and the need for more people to come forward and pledge their organs.

The program concluded with a vote of thanks by the organizers, who thanked the guests of honor, the families of the donors, and everyone who had contributed to the success of the event.

Vision Workshop

The Second Quarter 2023 Quarterly Vision Workshop took place on July 17th at the Officers Training Institute in Jhalana, Jaipur. Distinguished attendees included President Mr. B.L. Sharma, Secretary Mr. L.P. Kothari, Medical Director Dr. Garima Agarwal, and other esteemed Executive Members. This significant gathering brought together all the EBSR board members, EDCT chapters, and staff from Jaipur. The central focus of the workshop was to conduct a comprehensive review of the second quarter’s performance and devise strategic plans for the forthcoming months. It provided a valuable opportunity for key stakeholders to assess the progress made so far and chart a course for continued success in the future.

In the second quarter, a total of 684 corneas were collected, and out of those, 441 were successfully transplanted, achieving an impressive success rate of 64%. Looking back at the last six months, a commendable number of 1463 corneas were collected, and 955 of them found recipients through transplantation.

The Hospital Cornea Retrieval Program (HCRP) showed promising results as well. Out of the 1066 corneas collected, 771 were successfully transplanted, leading to a utilization rate of 72%. The voluntary contributions were also commendable, with 397 corneas collected, and 144 successful transplantations carried out.

During the workshop, Dr. Garima, a Medical Director, conducted a technical session for the EDCT. The aim was to provide them with strategies to increase their utilization rate further. Various key points were discussed to enhance efficiency and maximize the impact of their efforts.

An update on the EBSR community outreach program running in Dausa was also shared. The progress report showcased positive developments, inspiring the attendees to explore more ways to increase awareness about eye donation in the community.

The meeting served as a platform to plan strategies for the upcoming fortnight to boost awareness about eye donation. Several modes of reaching out to the public were discussed, including setting up a Netra Daan Help Desk and conducting awareness programs at colleges under NSS (National Service Scheme). Additionally, efforts to organize awareness programs at police training institutes were also initiated.

23rd General Meeting

The 23rd Annual General Meeting of the Eye Bank Society of Rajasthan, held on October 8, 2022, showcased significant achievements, collaborations, and new initiatives. President Shri B. L. Sharma highlighted key accomplishments, such as receiving the Best Eye Bank trophy from the Eye Bank Association of India and a three-year project grant from Aziz Premji Philanthropic Initiative. Collaborations with organizations like Paytm, CULP, and MG Hospital were instrumental in promoting eye donation.

The progress roadmap over the last ten years revealed substantial growth in collections, transplants, and utilization rates. During January 2022 to September 2023, the society achieved remarkable results with 4905 collections, 3152 transplants, and 64% utilization rate.

The Eye Donation Awareness Fortnight in 2023 saw extensive participation and innovative activities, including rallies, educational programs, and a drawing competition.

Financially, the corpus fund witnessed steady growth, receiving CSR grants and individual donations. The Annual Report for 2022-23 covered various initiatives, including the Aziz Premji Philanthropic Initiative, tissue digitization software, donor’s data analysis, and the redevelopment of the society’s website.

The General Body approved the audited accounts and endorsed the Annual Programme and Budget. Secretary Shri Lalit P. Kothari announced chapter awards: Jaipur (Outstanding Performance Trophy, Rs. 50,000), Ajmer (Best Chapter Trophy, Rs. 40,000), Kota C (Runners Up, Rs. 30,000). President Shri B. L. Sharma presented M. L. Mehta Best Chapter Awards to representatives from each chapter. The meeting concluded with individual membership conferred on notable personalities, including Shri Rajeev Dasot, Shri Ajaya Gupta, Shri S. P. Verma, and Smt. Unnati Gurbani .During the open discussions, members addressed future challenges and explored avenues for collaboration.

23rd Annual General Meeting Highlights

The 23rd Annual General Meeting of the Eye Bank Society of Rajasthan was held on 8th October 2023 in Jaipur. Key highlights:

1. Annual Report & Financial Statements:

The Annual Report for 2022-23 and audited financial statements were approved. Major achievements included the Aziz Premji Philanthropic Initiative project grant, launching a digitized software for data management, redeveloping the website, and organizing the first Netradani Pariwar Samman Samaroh to felicitate donor families.

2. Performance:  

Cornea collections increased by 80% to 2,911 and transplants rose by 80% to 1,879 compared to previous year. The utilization rate was 65%.

The approved Annual Program for 2024-25 targets 3,300 cornea collections and 2,200 transplants.

3. Financials:

The approved budget for 2024-25 estimates a deficit of Rs 177 lakhs with receipts of Rs 338.85 lakhs and expenditure of Rs 515.97 lakhs.

4. New Members:

Four new individual life members were inducted:

    1) Shri Rajeev Dasot (Retired IPS officer)

    2) Shri Ajaya Gupta (Retired IFS officer)  

    3) Shri S.P. Verma (Social Worker)

    4) Smt. Unnati Gurbani (Social Worker)

5. Awards:

The M.L. Mehta Best Chapter Awards were given to Jaipur (Outstanding Performance), Ajmer (Best Chapter) and Kota (Runners Up).

6. Open House:

Members provided suggestions during the open house on expansion, coordination with hospitals/colleges, and awareness programs.