Awareness Programmes

According to some rough estimates, there are 3 lakhs corneal blind persons in the State. However, we are able to restore eye sight of about 1500 corneal blind persons in a year. Thus, many corneal blind persons cannot get eyesight due to non-availability of suitable corneas.

On the one hand, suitable corneas are not available for transplant, on the other hand, lakhs of corneas are wasted on cremation grounds or burial grounds as corneas are not allowed to be retrieved by relatives. Moreover, there are some misapprehensions about the eye donation which act as impediment.

Every religion, sect etc. puts eye donation on a very high platform. Especially, when eyes are being donated of a dead person which are not of any utility to the family. In any case, these eyes are destroyed during cremation or burial. If they have proper knowledge and motivation, then the eye donation will get a great boost. With this objective in mind, we organise awareness programmes throughout the year.

Some of the programmes are as follows: –

  •  Awareness programmes are oganised during community, religious, social, and any other public gatherings.
  •  Meetings are held in educational and training institutions.
  •  Rallies, like car rally, NCC cadets rally are organised.
  •  Seminars and discussions are held with community and social leaders.
  •  Meeting are organised in medical colleges, nursing colleges and hospitals.
  •  Talks and discussions are held on Electronic Media.
  •  Articles and news items about eye donation along with success stories are published in Print Media.
  •  Posters and banners are displayed at public places on permanent basis.

Every year Eye Donation Awareness Fortnight is celebrated globally from 25th August to 8th September. All above mentioned activities as well as new activities can also be organised during the fortnight.

Eye donation awareness: NCC RALLY
Fortnight Activity at RPA
Tree Plantation by eye donor families
Sh. Ashok Gehlot, CM Rajasthan Pledging his Eyes
SBI Bank Felicitation for donation