Success stories

Sh. Ashok Bhanadri, IPS (Retd.)

I am associated with EBSR since past 16 years. In 1994 I donated my father’s eye and in 2006 i was posted in Jodhpur at time of my mother’s demise. That time complete eyeballs were retrieved, and cornea used to be separated in the lab. My mother’s eye donation was performed in Jaipur and only cornea was retrieved by technician of EBSR through blood less surgery within 10 minutes. These two incident provoked me to become member of EBSR.

Last month i took one of my relatives to an eye specialist for consultation. Doctors declared his condition to be serious and asked immediately to consult a retina expert. We got really sacred, but all our tensions vanished when we saw a 9 year old sweet girl named uzma daughter of ibrahim. She was there with her young parents, who brought her to open her stiches post-transplant surgery of one eye. Also, they were excited for second eye transplant.

I was unable to control myself and was delighted to know that this successfully transplanted cornea was received from eye bank society of Rajasthan.

In Indian society and all religions donation is categorised to be noble and eye donation is classified as greatest donation. With this a man even after his death gets virtue of donation. With determination to donate owns eye in his lifetime and post demise donating one’s eye through their relatives one can gain virtue of donation. Post eye donation of my parents i am seeing this journey of eye donation to be full filled through this innocent face.