Partners and Associates

Eye Bank Association of India

EBAI has been at the fore front in assisting this organization to come of age and is constantly at the back of it in defining its role in the field of Eye Banking in Rajasthan. E.B.S.R. is an Institutional Life Member of Eye Bank Association of India since April 2004. 

Eye Bank Association of India (EBAI) is a national organization acting as a resource centre for all eye banks and organizations involved in the eye donation movement. The main objectives of EBAI are to increase collection of eyes, introduce uniform standards in eye banks all over the country and to educate public about eye donation and prevention of corneal blindness. Over the past few years EBAI has been receiving support from all quarters.


SightLife is the only non-profit global health organisation solely focused on eliminating corneal blindness in the U.S. and around the world. EBSR is pursuing Eye Banking Project with the support of this organisation since 2010 and aims to provide sight to visually impaired in the state. The greatest landmark under this project has been a paradigm shift from quantity to quality of cornea. The emphasis is now on collection of good quality corneas and application of latest technology and putting in place effective mechanism for quality check so as to ensure successful and long lasting transplants in order to maximize timely and effective utilisation of corneas. SightLife has introduced a Centralised Distribution System, under which excess corneas not used in the state can be sent else where in the country wherever there is demand.

Sight Life has been giving Accreditation certificate to member Eye bank in India based on meeting quality standards.EBSR is one of few Eye Banks who has recevied Accreditation for the last 5 years. SightLife Certificate