Cornea retrieval

Retrieval of cornea from a dead body is known as Enucleation. When an enucleation / donation call is received from the donor family by our counselor, following details are collected from the informant:
  • Name, age, sex of the deceased person (donor)
  • Cause & time of death
  • Death occurred in the hospital or at home
  • Home address and nearest landmark
  • Informant’s name and phone number

A EBSR technician immediately starts to procure the cornea from the donor.

The cornea is enucleated by standard surgical procedures maintaining aseptic conditions during and after removal of the cornea from eyes. The eyelids are stitched using a black thread. This gives an appearance as if the donor is asleep. There is absolutely no disfigurement of the face after cornea is removed.

After the enucleation, the technician draws 5 ml of blood from the donor to screen for infectious diseases. The enucleated corneas are transported in a special glass bottle with a metal stand termed as Moist Chamber and transported to the Eye Bank for processing and utilisation immediately.

Cornea Recovery Process