The EBSR has following category of members:-

  1.  Donor member
  2.  Individual member – Life / Annual member
  3.  Institutional member
  4.  Honorary member
  5. Informants name and phone number

Eligibility for membership

Person desirous of becoming member of the EBSR should be willing to offer voluntary services towards the objectives of the Eye Bank, especially in the field of HCRP, creating awareness and encouraging community participation for eye donation.

Membership procedure

Any person willing to offer voluntary services to the EBSR could send an application to Secy. EBSR, along with information about his personal / professional background. After considering his application, if found suitable for associating with EBSR, the applicant would be taken as an EBSR Associate and would be required to help in donation work, in awareness creation for Eye Donation or in the HCRP for a period of at least 6 months. Based on his commitment / contribution to EBSR activities during this period he would be considered for giving the regular membership.

Jyoti Mitra

EBSR has developed a concept of making persons willing to be associated with the activities of Eye Banking but does not have time to work full time , then he can be associated as a “JyotiMitra”. He can start working on behalf of the Eye Bank and participate in all promotional activities before he is admitted as a member.